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A life-unforgettable tour in Tibet

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World Travel Photos :: China - Misc :: A  life-unforgettable tour in Tibet
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30 Apr 2019
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Before going to Tibet,many people are fear of the altitude stress in Tibet.They afraid they couldn’t adapt to the weather nor the long and desolate road there.Besides, they are worrying about that they may get a serious illness afer going to Tibet.When you actually got to Tibet can you realize what a unnecessary misgivings you have had.You will find how fantastic the scenery is in Tibet.
You cann’t have the feeling standing on the ground 5000 meters above the sea level.You will know how low the sky is and how close the cloud is to you.You will never see how many snow-capped peaks and bright blue lakes in the vast and wingding route.So don’t hesitate to start the trip to the soul.

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A  life-unforgettable tour in Tibet

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