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Some tips for altitude sickness

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World Travel Photos :: China - Misc :: Some tips for altitude sickness
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7 Mar 2019
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1、When arrived plateau, everybody can feel the anoxic symptom such as short of breath of different level, bosom frowsty, dyspnea. But this does not mean you do not adapt to the plateau if you can protect yourself correctly. The above symptoms usually disappear after 2~4 days.
2、If you are flying to a high altitude, symptoms of altitude sickness usually develop within 12 to 24 hours. Therefore, just to the plateau when must not to have strenuous exercise, and rest on the bed immediately. Otherwise, once you feel the reaction, it takes more time to get used to it.
3、People often breathe oxygen to relieve their discomfort. Of course, absorb oxygen to be able to remove temporarily bosom frowsty, short of breath, the symptom such as dyspnea, but after stopping absorbing oxygen, the symptom can appear afresh, delayed the time that adapts to highland. If your aforementioned symptom is not very serious, the proposal is better not to take oxygen and you can adapt to the highland environment more quickly. Slight altitude reaction, will heal, do not use oxygen, so as not to form a dependency.
4、On the plateau you should eat more carbs and the digestible food. Get adequate water to keep your body hydrated. Don’t eat too much for dinner. You’d better not to drink or smoke , neither. On the contrary, You can benefit from eating more fruits, vegetables and other foods rich in vitamin during the plateau trip.

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Some tips for altitude sickness

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