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Namtso Lake Overview, Tibet Namtso Lake Highlight Travel

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World Travel Photos :: Feel good photos :: Namtso Lake Overview, Tibet Namtso Lake Highlight Travel
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22 Apr 2013
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In Nov. 14, 2005, Namtso Lake in the Tibet Autonomous Region was selected as one of the five most beautiful lakes in China by Chinese National Geography magazine. Namtso Lake´s touching beauty should not be missed by any traveler who visits Tibet. Its purity and solemnness are symbols of Qinghai-Tibet Platean. In Tibetan, Namtso means ´Heavenly Lake.´ It is considered one of the three holy lakes in Tibet. Namtso is famous for its high altitude (4720 meters (about 3 miles)), vast area (1961 square kilometers (about 757 square miles) and beautiful scenery.

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Namtso lake,Heavenly Lake in Tibet
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Namtso Lake Overview, Tibet Namtso Lake Highlight Travel

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