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Remains of Roman Empire

Roman Forum

Spanish stairs

St. Peter´s Cathedral

Venetian Square


Rome. Palatine

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World Travel Photos :: Italy - Rome :: Rome. Palatine
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22 Apr 2013
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It was the mystical founding place of Rome. Wealthy Romans build their houses there. It was also the official power-centre of the Emperor Augustus.

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Rome. Palatine

Rome. The Pantheon

Rome. Temple of Saturn (Tempio di Saturno)

Rome. Remains of Roman Empire

Rome. Roman Forum

Rome. Remains of the Great City

Rome. Fountain of Four Rivers by Bernini (Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi )

Rome. Remains of Roman Empire

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Rome. Coliseum (Colosseum)

Rome at Night

Rome. Trevi Fountain

Rome. Trevi Fountain

Rome at Night

Rome at Night

Rome at Night.

Rome at Night

Rome. Victor Emmanuel Monument

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