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Peggy´s Cove - lighthouse

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World Travel Photos :: Lighthouses :: Peggy´s Cove - lighthouse
© Torontonian
22 Apr 2013
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Peggy´s Cove is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nova Scotia and is a prime attraction on the Lighthouse Trail scenic drive. Peggys Cove has a classic red-and-white lighthouse officially known as the Peggys Point Lighthouse.

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Peggy´s Cove - lighthouse

Peggy´s Cove - stormy day


Quebec. la Martre lighthouse

Peggy´s Cove  - pink sky

Quebec. Pointe-au-Pere´s Lighthouse

Quebec. Inside of Pointe-au-Pere´s Lighthouse

Peggy´s Cove - lighthouse, sunny day

Peggy´s Cove - lighthouse on the rocks

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Quebec. Pointe-au-Pere´s Lighthouse

Manitoulin Island. Kagawong

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Toronto. Tommy Thompson Park - a lighthouse

Quebec. Quebec. la Martre lighthouse

Nova Scotia - a tiny lighthouse

Quebec. Pointe-au-Pere´s Lighthouse

Quebec. Pointe-au-Pere´s Lighthouse

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