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Poland. Gdansk

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World Travel Photos :: Poland :: Poland. Gdansk
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22 Apr 2013
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New Abbatsky palace, located behind the floral-green street floors in french part of Olivsky Park, surraunded by four closely cropped yews, was built in 17th century. In 1754-1756 (time of the ruling of the Abbot YUzefa Y. Rybiniskogo) the palace was extended. It was restored after the fire in 1926 and nowadays serves as museum.

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Poland. Gdansk

Malbork. Tower of the Teutonic Knights Castle

The Poland. Gdanisk. Suburb Olive

Frombork Cathedral. The Radzeevsky Tower

Frombork. Poliptih

The Poland. Gdansk. Main bridge


Malbork Castle

Main lock  of Malbork Castle

Panoramic View of  Frombork

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