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Russia. Waiting for spring

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World Travel Photos :: Russia - Misc :: Russia. Waiting for spring
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22 Apr 2013
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Russia. Waiting for spring

A winter road in Tomsk district, Russia

Old trees along the road in Tomsk, Russia

Woods around Tomsk, Russia

Russia. Tomsk - a historic building

Tomsk. Russian historic building built out of wood

Russia. Tomsk - a fragment of wooden house

Russia. Tomsk - a top part of the historic building buit out of wood

Russia. Ural

Russia, Siberia - a tulip

A fragment of church in Arzamas, Russia

A church in Arzamas, Russia

Arzamas - a church

Arzamas, Russia

Arzamas (Russia)

Russia. Birds are coming home

Russia. Diveevo

Mytishchi (Moscow region)

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