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Night views

Panoramic views

"Singer" building

Admiralty Building



Egyptian Bridge - Sphinx

Kunstkamera Museum



Nikolsky Cathedral

Palace Square



Peter and Paul Fortress


Russian Academy of Arts

Saint Isaac´s Cathedral

Shopping Center "Gostiny Dvor"

The Bronze Horseman

The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

Vasilevsky Island

Winter Palace



Peterhof. East Chapel

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World Travel Photos :: Russia - St. Petersburg :: Peterhof. East Chapel
© Suzanna
22 Apr 2013
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The East Chapel, one of a pair flanking the central buildings.
Peterhof is an immensely luxurious royal estate, founded by Peter the Great, lying on the shore of the Gulf of Finland (Baltic Sea), a combination of several palaces and parks, called the "capital of Russian fountains" and "the Russian Versailles".

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Peterhof. East Chapel

St. Petersburg.  General Staff Building

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St. Petersburg. Vasilevsky Island

St. Petersburg. View from Isaky Cathedral

St. Petersburg. Peter and Paul Fortress

St. Petersburg. Hermitage Museum - Winter Palace

St. Petersburg. Peter´s the Great Monument - The Bronze Horseman

St. Petersburg. Saint Isaac´s Cathedral

Fountain in Peterhof

Statue in Peterhof

St. Petersburg. View on Admiralty Building

St. Petersburg. Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood in the Middle

St. Petersburg. The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood (Spas na Krovi)

St. Petersburg. Palace Square and the General Staff Building

St. Petersburg. View on Isaky Square

St. Petersburg. Vasilevsky Island - Kunstkamera Building

St. Petersburg. View on Griboyedov Canal from the Bank Bridge

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