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Spain, Zaragoza - Plaza del Justicia

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World Travel Photos :: Spain - Zaragoza :: Spain, Zaragoza - Plaza del Justicia
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22 Apr 2013
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Spain, Zaragoza - Plaza del Justicia

Spain, Zaragoza - a monument on Plaza del Justicia

Spain, Zaragoza - Plaza del Justicia and Central Market

Spain, Zaragoza - Plaza del Pilar

Spain, Zaragoza - Roman walls

Spain, Zaragoza - Ebro River and El Rabal area

Spain, Zaragoza - Basilica del Pilar

Spain, Zaragoza - a view from the top of the tourist office

Spain. Zaragoza - Plaza Del Portillo

Spain. Zaragoza - a monument outside of Basilica Santa Engracia

Spain. Zaragoza Museum

Spain. Zaragoza - upper floor of the medieval Christian Palace

Spain. Zaragoza - Aljaferia Palace, St. Isabel´s Courtyard

   Spain. Zaragoza - archs of the Aljafería Palace

Spain. Zaragoza

Spain. Zaragoza - archs of The Aljafería Palace

Spain. Zaragoza - Aljafería Palace - St. Isabel´s Courtyyard Gallery

Spain. Zaragoza - the Aljafería Palace  Oratory

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