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Tibet. Ganden Monastery

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World Travel Photos :: Tibet :: Tibet. Ganden Monastery
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5 Nov 2014
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Ganden Monastery is the 1st and primary monastery of the Gelug Sect in Tibetan Buddhism. Its Tibetan name refers to a grand site in the Western Heaven of Buddhism. Emperor Yongzheng of the Qing Dynasty granted another name “Yong Tai” to the monastery. Sitting on the Wangbori Mountain which resembles a reclining elephant to the northeast of the Dagze County, the monastery facing east commands an elevation of 3,800 meters above sea level. Major construction in the monastery include the Lagyi Hall, Yangbagyain Hall, Chitokang, Angyiukang, Xaze and Jamze Zhacang Buddhist colleges, and dozens of Kamcuns and Myicuns.

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Ganden Monastery
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Tibet. Ganden Monastery



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