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Washington D.C. - orchids (Vanda Coerulea)

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World Travel Photos :: USA - Washington, D.C. :: Washington D.C. - orchids (Vanda Coerulea)
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25 Apr 2015
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Washington D.C. - orchids (Vanda Coerulea)

Washington DC - musical instruments made of plants in Botanical Garden

Washington DC - a chandelier made of flower pots

Washington DC - a grand piano filled with flowers, Botanical Garden

Washington DC - orchids in Botanical Garden

Washington DC - Orchid Cattlianthe Sorpresita

Washington, DC - a bench near Botanical Garden

Washington, DC - Botanical Garden - spring blooming

Washington, DC - little spring flowers

Washington, DC - a blooming tree

Washington, DC - little spring ensemble

Washington, DC - The United States Capitol

Washington, DC - a dome of the Capitol

Washington, DC - a blue jay in the park on Capitol Hill

Washington, DC - early spring blooming

Washington, DC - tulips on Capitol Hill

Washington, DC - in front of the National Museum of American History

A beautiful sunset in Washington, DC

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